Pressure continues to mount on Al Shabaab with the group managing only a handful of less severe attacks against energized government operations. Somalia government security forces were the most targeted by Al Shabaab limited terror capabilities. In addition to targeting of Somali security forces and installations with suicide missions and guns attacks, the group mainly tried to eliminate informants and other known assets working with the Somali forces or partner security agencies. Peacekeeping forces (ATMIS) were also targeted with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) including those mounted on vehicles (VBIED). Al Shabaab also sought to capitalize on rivalries involving internal Somali factions. The group is assessed to be in support of clan militias fighting against autonomous Somaliland forces in the Las Anod crisis. The Federal government remains highly involved to prevent any detrimental escalation of the Las Anod conflict. Across the borders, Al Shabaab laid ambushes with IEDs on local security forces and government workers in isolated cases in the coastal and northeastern counties of Kenya.

Al Shabaab will likely face crushing force and total pressure in the coming days following the decision of the frontline states mainly Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti to send additional forces in Somalia. Plans are underway for the deployment of additional forces from the frontline states to maximize and solidify the gains made by the local, regional and Federal Somali forces as well as ATMIS in the fight against Al Shabaab. The Non-ATMIS forces will be participate in the subsequent operations against Al Shabaab. Partners including the United States, United Kingdom and United Nations Security Council are looking into the possibility of lifting arms procurement sanctions on Somalia and training of security forces to help in further diminishing Al Shabaab. The challenge has been in establishing credible channels of accountability for the weapons as some of them have ended up in Al Shabaab insurgency arsenal. Apart from technical military support and assistance in weapons and ammunition, US has offered a reward of up to $5 Million for information leading to the arrest of Ali Mohamed Rage, a senior leader and spokesperson of Al Shabaab.[1] Local and international media continued to find it challenging to verify independently the battle deaths reported by either side. Interestingly, Al Shabaab is reported to have launched an operation against drugs and criminal gangs allegedly after civilians called on them to act.[2]

Date Some of the major terror and counter terror events in the month of February involving Al Shabaab are listed below:


Federal and regional forces kill top Al Shabaab militants between Jana Cabdalle and Afmadow.


US Africa Command caries out a Collective self-defense strike against Al Shabaab in Donlaye.


SNA forces conduct defensive operations against militants in Afmadow


US airstrike kills 12 militants at Hobyo


Somali National Army captures Al Shabaab base in Qunbi Village


Four police officers dead after their vehicle ran over an improvised explosive device (IED) in Garissa County


Somali National Armed Forces and Galmudug regional forces carry a joint operation in Mudug region


Operation by Somali National Army in Qaycad and Mudug region


A bomb explosion occurred at a tea shop in Bosaso


Somali National Army with the help of the local forces and international partners kill over 200 Al-Shabaab


US Africa Command conducted a collective self-defense strike against Al Shabaab


National Armed Forces kill over 50 militants including five ringleaders in a planned operation near Afcad region.


Siege by al-Shabab militants at a residential building in the East of Mogadishu


Defensive strike in a remote area near Galmudug


Al-Shabaab Attacks Security Checkpoint in Puntland


Two officers killed in Garissa roadside explosion


Somali National Army conduct operation to destroy Al Shabaab hideouts and trenches in Hirshabelle.


Somalia’s intelligence special forces and Somalia’s international security partners conduct operation near Burweyn town 



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