Turkey's indigenously built UCAVs have been playing a crucial role in the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Libya and recently in Nagorno-Karabakh. Besides providing advanced ISTAR capabilities, Turkish UCAVs have also been instrumentalized as a decisive counter-terrorism tool. Since 2015, Turkish UCAVs have conducted/supported over 200 operations. Thanks to Turkish UCAVs' increasing efficacy, Turkey has gained a new ability to chase and conduct operations in remote areas.Turkey's cross-border military operations encircled the PKK's strongholds while Turkish UCAVs considerably impeded the PKK's movement rendering the PKK unable to respond effectively.

Map 1: Geo-Spatial Analysis of Turkey's UCAV/UAV Operations  against PKK/YPG (2015-2020)
Map 2: Outcome of Turkey's UCAV/UAV Operations  against PKK/YPG (2015-2020)
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