Terrorism Analysis Platform analyzed the key terror-related events during 2020 and explained the main trends related to the PKK terrorism in chapter two and the DAESH terrorism in chapter three. The TAP researchers highlight that:

Regarding the PKK;

• The number of the PKK attacks targeting Turkey is gradually decreasing while the terrorist group has begun to target Northern Iraq reviving the long-simmering tensions between the KDP and the PKK.

• While there is no slight difference in targeting civilians compared to the previous year, a significant distinction is observable in PKK’s tendency to targeting tactical and operational military units.

• Turkey’s ongoing ink-spot strategy for subduing the territories under the PKK influence in Northern Iraq has facilitated to enlarge of Turkey’s area of operation in that region.

• The PKK’s recruitment and mobilization in Turkey drastically decrease in contrast to the previous year.

Regarding DAESH;

• As of January 2017, DAESH has not committed any terrorist attack on Turkish soil. However, DAESH is still posing an active terrorism threat in Turkey since Syria and Iraq are the main territorial orientation of DAESH’s deadly terrorist attacks.

• Both in Syria and Iraq, the rate of armed reaction by DAESH increased gradually to revitalize the organizational structure in those countries. Turkey has also been affected by DAESH in three ways which are the terror group’s active network in Turkey, DAESH-related FTFs and their mobilization, and infiltration attempts, as well.

• Turkish security forces have carried out numerous operations against the terrorist organization’s cell houses, financial networks and alleged “senior leaders” in Turkey.

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